Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Is Happening!!

I am an addict. A sugar addict. A food addict. I am not really joking. I can easily down a whole batch of cookies. It's getting out of control.  So I am taking what some might say is drastic measures. 
   I am doing a Whole 30. If you want details go to I am posting this from my phone so I don't know how to make links work. 

I am also going to be following this Whole 30 plan I found on the website She has a great plan set up complete with recipes. I recommend checking out both sites if you plan on doing a Whole 30.

  I am pretty confident that I am going to do well. I have done a Paleo challenge before and won and that challenge lasted 45 days. I know it's going to be hard but I am looking forward to the challenge.
  I am also excited that my Mom and sister is going to do the challenge with me. I have even challenged my 8 yr old to go 30 days without junk food. If she does then I will take her on a Mommy/daughter date. I hope she does it cause I really want to go on that date with her.
  I plan on posting every day and posting on my Instagram. Feel free to follow me @ jmeek32.
  I am off to get my food ready for tomorrow!!

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