Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1 Whole 30

Wake-up call at 4:20 am
Drink 8oz of water
I had to get up way early to pump and pick up my friend by 4:50 am
5am CrossFit class
  I haven't worked out in 2 weeks!  I have been babying my back and it's been feeling better. I need to strengthen my core so bad!  This was a good workout and that backwards run was uphill and made the legs burn SO good. 

Here is my starting weight/weekly weigh in

Breakfast was

Two eggs, three pieces of toast and half an avocado. Yummy.

Drank lots of water. Around 24 oz. 

Lunch was 5oz of tuna, half an avocado and some salad with olives, artichoke hearts and banana peppers all mixed together and topped with some balsamic vinegar.  
          Yummy but not very breath friendly. 

I began to have a headache about 3pm and it is still lingering. I expected this and know that it won't last more then a couple days. 

I had a snack of an apple and a few almonds 

I filled this thing up a few times. 
    Lost count of all the bathroom breaks. 
Dinner was 5oz of chicken with a big handful of spinach and 1 white onion that I sautéed together and a sweet potato. 

I am now headed for bed. I have a pretty good headache going in right now. I am hoping to sleep it off!  Also I need to avoid the dark chocolate chips in my freezer!

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