Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 5 Whole 30

Arise and shine at 4:20 AM. 
Protein shake 

I headed to HVCF for a great class. 

   It took me 17:25 to finish the WOD.  I attempted a wall stand. I stayed in the wall stand for 25 seconds but definitely wasn't strong enough to attempt it one handed. 

I know it looks like my chest is about to smother me but I was more worried about my head exploding!  I now have another goal to accomplish at Crossfit. One armed wall stand here I come. 

Breakfast was three eggs, three pieces of turkey bacon, half an avocado and half cup of raspberries. 

I worked today and it's always a challenge to eat healthy.  I turned down some yummy Baskin Robins mint ice cream cake. I had an Apple Pie Lara Bar. 

It was pretty good and I would get one again. 

Lunch time at work!  It's so hard to stick to the plan. I didn't bring anything so I was just planning in going down to the cafeteria and getting a salad. My lovely friends/coworkers wanted to go to Cafe Rio. I can't say no to that. 

I ordered a chicken salad with no rice,beans,cheese or chips. I also had the vinegrette dressing. 

I got lots of pico and extra lettuce. The tortilla is my favorite and instead of going crazy on it and eating the whole thing I let myself have a few pieces and then threw the rest of it away. That was NOT easy. 

I had a snack of blueberries and hazelnut butter. 

I was only able to eat half my salad so I saved it and had the rest for dinner.  I added a sweet potato. 

My bedtime snack is one serving of (24) blueberry almonds and (36) 60% Caco chocolate chips. 

I am going to eat this snack in bed while reading a book. I am going to stay up a little late cause I don't have to get up so early in the morning!!  Yay for sleeping in! Who am I kidding I will still need to get up and pump so my chest doesn't explode. My baby is worth it though!

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