Monday, September 9, 2013

Game Plan

I had a great post all written out and ready to go but I somehow deleted it. Lame.

The fitness challenge that I did ended on Thursday. I lost a total of six pounds and a few inches. Not bad but not that great considering the minimal effort I put in.

The Game Plan is this. I will not focus on how much I have to lose. I will not focus on the time it will take. I will not focus on what I cannot eat.  I will not make myself crazy thinking about exercise and clean eating. I will focus on losing the 80lbs I want to lose slow and steady. I want to keep this weight off!  I want to be able to enjoy treats though. I will not be a never eat sweets/bread kind of girl. 

I want to focus on losing 2lbs a week. I want to drink LOTS of water. I want to get some form of exercise in 5 to 6 days a week.  I will have my kids involved in my healthy eating efforts. I will make cookies (I just won't eat the whole batch). 

At 2lbs a week it is going to take me 40 weeks to lose the weight I want to. I know that some weeks won't go my way. I know that I will sometimes get in my way. I also know that if I don't start now I will never come close to reaching my goal. 

I am also aware that having a nursing baby is going to be a challenge. I accept that challenge!

So here is my weigh in this morning

That's a 5.2 lb loss since last weigh in. I will take it. 

What's a post with out a selfish

I need to lose some lbs so I can wear my other scrubs!

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