Sunday, August 11, 2013

2 Fitness Challenges

   I signed up for TWO fitness challenges.  I REALLY want to get FIT. It's hard for me to just tell myself I will start to work out and eat better. I need a more tangible goal. Fitness challenges work for me.
   I am a pretty competitive person. I mean my husband and I got in a tiff on our honeymoon because I rolled 3 Yahtzee's in one game and I may have gloated a little too much. I made it up to him though. 
  The first challenge is the Hurricane Valley Weight Loss Challenge. 

It's only 4 weeks long so every day counts!  It started with a weigh-in, measurements and a fitness assessment of a one mile run and Death by Burpees. 

I weighed in at 250 lbs and measurements of:
Chest: 48 in
Waist: 46.5 in
Hips: 48.5 in
Arms: 14 in
Thigh: 27 in
My mile time was 10:29
I got to round 9 of Death by Burpees. 
Those are some pretty big numbers but I hope to never see those numbers again!

Besides losing weight, inches and fat I hope to win the final prize of $400!

I am also starting a boot camp on Monday. It's only two days a week and I am not quite sure of the rules and such till I go to the meeting tomorrow. 

I know it may seem a little extreme to do two challenges at the same time.  It's time to stop talking about getting fit and actually do something about it!!

I plan on following a mostly Paleo diet, drinking tons of water, avoiding sugar like the plague and getting more sleep. As much sleep as a almost 3 month old baby will let me. 

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  1. You sound very determined and focused. I totally need something like this!!


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