Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Check in

So I finally got around to taking these progress pics that I have been wanting to take every month. I will now commit to taking these every month.  I think it will take two months to see much change but they will be good to look back on. 

There is about a 15 lb difference in these pics.  I am wishing I would have started this journey of picture taking in black spandex!

This was my weight on Monday 

I will also weigh in every Monday and post it.

While I am working in getting smaller this buddy is getting bigger!

He's 4 months old!

Here's to getting fitter and stronger!


  1. Awesome! You're doing great! I have been trying some of your meals you have been making, granted they are not the same ingredients but they are close! I can't believe how much the little guy is growing!

  2. Glad to see you're making progress. Regaining your healthy and fit body is a process. You have to work out every day. To some, it might sound boring but this shouldn't be an excuse; there are a lot of ways to make exercises fun, like joining Zumba with your friends. You're doing a great job so keep going.

    Derrick Washington @Personal Training Hudson


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