Races and Paces

Races and Paces
I have ran 8 half marathons possibly 9 or 10.
Best time 2012 Parawon Half 1:56
Worst time 2:43 St. Patrick's Half

This is why I need a blog so I can remember these things!

I have ran 4 marathons, one for each of my children.  I actually ran my last marathon 6 weeks prego so I am counting that as his marathon.

All my marathons have been the St. George Marathon in Southern Utah

2005 4:54
2008 4:27
2010 4:57
2012 4:20

I have ran all my marathons weighing at lease 190 lbs.  I vow I will not run another one until I am well under that weight.  My knees are thanking me.

I do plan on running several half's and I really want to get into trail running as well.

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