Monday, July 29, 2013

Do I really want to do this?

Well here it goes.  I hope I don't regret this.  If you only knew how many before pictures I have taken, it would blow your mind.  Mine is blown that I keep taking them!  The goal is to finally get to the point where I am taking my final after picture.  Maintenance mode is something I would like to be in!

Here is my before pic.  There may have been a few tears shed after seeing these.  I don't feel like I look like this until I see pictures.  I plan on wearing this outfit once a month and posting the pics so we can all see the progress I am making.

I have seen pics like this on Pinterest and I think it is so cute.  So while I am getting smaller my baby will be getting bigger.  This little man is going to be a chunk!  He is only two months old here and about 16 lbs?  I don't know, we go to the doctor in a couple days for his check up.  I plan on taking a pic like this once a month as well. 

After taking my before pics, shedding a few tears, playing a little Just Dance in that outfit and having my six year old laugh at me because my butt was jiggling so much we headed to the park to so I could start C25K.
It's humbling to think that last October I ran a marathon in 4:20:00.  Ten months later I am struggling to run for one minute at a time!  I know I will get back to where I was it just sucks.  My knees were pretty sore and it was super hot but I did it and I ran every time I was supposed to and for the whole time.  

My Goals for the week are:
  • complete the first week of C25K
  • Eat possible
  • Drink lots of water
  • One treat for the week
Well I am going to press publish.  Here goes to inspiring myself to step it up and anyone else who would like to join me on this journey.


  1. Jess you are an inspiration to all us moms out here. Im totally cheering for you and hope to join you in this awesome journey. Thank you.

  2. I downloaded the app and am going to do your workouts! Thanks for the inspiration Jess! You are awesome!

  3. I know I posted a comment on here yesterday, hum :( Weird. Anyway, I think you're fabulous and a strong woman and I can't wait till we get to run that half marathon together. Is Cory's December race too soon to think about that??

  4. I'm sure I have just as many "before" pics as you do!! Getting ready to take some more myself... womp womp ... fall down seven times, get up eight!! Good luck to both of us - we can do it!! =)

  5. I love the one treat for the week plan. I think I better adopt that too!


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