Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2 Whole 30


I slept in.  Well I had to get up at 4am to pump and then it was back to bed till 6:45 when my 3 yr old climbed into our bed. No one is getting sleep if he is in the same bed  
I ate a banana w/almond butter at 4am. 

Breakfast was the same as yesterday 

I had a snack of grapes and 2 tablespoons of almond butter

  I went to Walmart hungry. Not a good idea. After taking a dozen random things the 3yr old put in the cart out and enduring no less then five crying episodes I wanted to dive into the salt water taffy display! 
  I resisted and instead bought these almonds. 
  I know they are not totally Whole 30 approved but they are yummy and keep me out of the candy aisle. 

Lunch was a Chicken Salad Wrap. It has chicken, apple and walnuts mixed with some olive oil mayo.  

  I was worried that I would still be hungry after this but I was full by the last forkful. 

Drinking lots of water. 
 I decided to go to a CrossFit class at 7pm. I knew from experience that eating within two hours of working out would be a big mistake. I instead had a protein drink. 

I knew the workout was going to be a beast 
   It was for sure a "gut check". It took me  41:43 to complete this workout.  I was like one of the last five to finish. But I finished dang it!!
   This is what I looked like after a workout like that 

Dinner was simple. 5oz of turkey taco meat and broccoli. 
I am chugging the water. Kind of giving myself a gut ache with all the water. 
  I haven't had a headache today so that's good. I haven't really had too many cravings for candy but I am sure those will come. 
  I am in the super focused stage of this challenge. It's going to be this weekend where I will need to stay strong. 
  Day 2 done!  Kenny is also still going strong. 

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